Top Recipes of 2015

2015 has been BANANAS. Although, maybe I say that every year?

We moved from Michigan to the humid climes of Houston (2 adults, 1 dog, 1 baby, in a sonata for 3 days… yikes! But that’s a story for another time…), and it seems we have spent every other weekend travelling or hosting. It’s truly been a blast. Most incredible has been watching our tiny squirming bundle grow into a sweet, mischievous toddler. Such Fun <3

Ok without further ado, I present 2015’s top 5 recipes.

1. Gingerbread Granola Bars

Gingerbread Granola Bars- Emma's Little Kitchen

What can I say, your taste is impeccable! This is one of my faves too- chewy, crunchy, sweet, and they taste just like gingerbread!

2. Sweet Potato Pineapple Curry

Sweet Potato Pineapple Curry- Emma's Little Kitchen

So much to love about this spicy-sweet dish. Simple to make and positively soul-warming

3. Lentil Spinach Coconut Curry

Lentil Spinach Coconut Curry- Emma's Little Kitchen

Curry #ftw! I adore this creamy lentil coconut curry for its simplicity and flavour.

4. One Pot Tomato Lentil Pasta

One Pot Lentil Tomato Pasta- Emma's Little Kitchen

Everyone needs a good one pot meal in their repertoire. This is still a staple for harried or lazy evenings!

5. My Go-To Salad Dressing

My Go-To Salad Dressing from Emma's Little Kitchen

Floored that this one made the top 5, but it just goes to show that sometimes the simple solutions are the ones we seek the most!

Thanks for all of your kind words and feedback this year! I appreciate every. single. one. of you. Please let me know what your favorites were in 2015!


Much Love!



  1. Izzy @ she likes food says:

    All of these recipes look so good! I can see why they are your top recipes of the year 🙂 You guys really did do a lot in 2015! I bet it is so much fun watching your little guy grow up! I hope you had a fun Christmas and that 2016 has been great so far!

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